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Spring 2012 Concert Round Up!

Okay, I’ve been super busy building things and making music that I haven’t had the chance to really sit downa nd go over the concerts I hit up this spring.  Believe it or not, there was plenty of acts to roll on through Austin after SXSW to keep my bill full.  So, instead of bangning out an individual post for each,  I will shoot through them with highlights.  Bang.  Bang. Continue reading Spring 2012 Concert Round Up!

Where The Hell Have You Been?

I’ve been here actually.  Doing lots of things as well.  As you may see from above, I’ve been ultra busy.  Never fear, however, I’ll clue you in either here or on they ole personal blog.  You may be wondering, “What are those things?”  Welp, it’s a card with a band on it.  Duh.  Oh you mean the other things.  Let’s just say I now know what kind of buzz you can get from solder fumes.  So look for that and maybe another song or tow here in the next week or so.