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The 2nd Weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2013 Washed Over Me


So this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival was quite the jubilee, even though it ended short and wet for me.  Yes, I got a three day pass but it ended up being two days.  It was useful, however, because I bailed hard on my leg and am not just getting over this limp.  The shows were all what I hoped for and more. Continue reading The 2nd Weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2013 Washed Over Me

Manchester Orchestra and White Denim Beared Up Stubb’s Last Night

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a show, at least in my mind.  So last night I had the opportunity for revisit White Denim as well as check out a couple of similar bands with Manchester Orchestra being the most well known.  I’ve been to some shows outside of  Stubb’s before and even though the sound was kind of weird, it was still a pretty good time.  The opening bands showed some promise but I don’t think I gave them too much of a fair shake because I was distracted by college football.  That’s okay, however, as they were interesting enough for me to check them out online.

Continue reading Manchester Orchestra and White Denim Beared Up Stubb’s Last Night

RAMS’ Pocket Radio is Better than an iPod

Now I’m stoked to be heading out to SXSW during spring break and all but I’m also mega stoked that I will be there during St. Patrick’s Day. Now, there will be plenty of Irish representatives there in Austin this year, including Flogging Molly, but I want to talk about RAMS’ Pocket Radio. Peter McCauley pretty much does everything for this electric outfit. That would be drums, piano, singing, and songwriting. He does it all.

Check out ‘Dogs Run In Packs.’ The piano bangs with attitude while McCauley’s voice tries to keep it cool. I want to say it’s an Irish version of The White Stripes, but RAMS’ Pocket Radio feels more melodic to me. Maybe it’s the piano that washes around the rough edges of the rest of the song. At any rate, I’ll plan on jamming out to these guys (or this guy) while trying to think I’m cool. Maybe it will work. Just maybe.


Bo-Peep is not so Sheepish

In the grand spirit of the land of the rising sun comes Bo-Peep.  Mika Yoshimura and Ryoko Nakano formed a band way back in the day but didn’t have the juice they have now until they hooked up with Junko Himei to for a power trio straight outta Japan.  These lovely ladies call down the thunder at every show and I’ll be bringing my umbrella when I line up to seem the rock out SXSW 2010.

So there are some ginormous barriers to talk about here.  First off, the love for J-Rock that’s building up inside is about puke all over this keyboard in pure liquid rock fury.  Second, garage bands in Japan?  Yeah, the White Stripes caught wind way out east.  Lastly, it’s a power rock trio of ladies.  I’m scared for The Donnas because I think Bo-Peep might not show any mercy.  Here their terror in “B-Level Motion”