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Sigur Ros Eloquently Kicked Ass


It was only right that a weekday after my best man showed up for the weekend that I had the opportunity to relax and recover with the soothing sounds of Sigur Ros.  Welp, it mostly happened.  I’ve seen them before at the Uptown Tehater in Kansas City way back when and remember such a jovial, quiet style.  I guess I didn’t remember everything correctly.  They somehow managed to kick my ass in a completely eloquent style. Continue reading Sigur Ros Eloquently Kicked Ass

SXSW 2013 With A Twist


Oh what’s the twist?  Finally getting something knocked out.  Yeah, I went this year and am now just getting around to saying something about it.  This year’s take was different in the fact that I went all wristband and not the badge.  Did things work out as well?  Yes and no.

First off just check out the playlist of videos.  I uploaded dumped a whole bunch of videos this week on the YouTubes and they say more than I could right here.  Highlights included John Fogerty, Eric Burdon, Orange Goblin, Houses, Bear Mountain, and Black Pistol Fire.  It was another eclectic year and I didn’t bother trying to get into some of the bigger name acts.  That said, and what you could tell from the list, I did alright seeing both big and small acts.


The only real downside with not getting a badge was missing out on the day parties.  Yes, it was more music, but it was also tons of free drinks and food.  It’s no wonder I survived this year and didn’t get sick like I did the last two times.  Oh, I still got mine, though.  Especially Tuesday night and Saturday.  But I digress.  The point is, the lows weren’t too low and I still managed to see some great acts.

I even got to see a KC buddy of mine’s band.  They drove all the way from KC (on tour) to hit up the Dizzy Rooster and rock out Saturday afternoon.  Good times were had by all who came to see Get Busy Living.  We even had room for them to crash at our place.  It gave me a good glimpse of what life on the road could be like.  That van was HUGE.  I can’t wait to see them again.

So that’s my short capsule review of SXSW 2013.  The usual suspects applies but it was just different enough that it sold me on next year already.  And I don’t have to feel pressured into getting the ginormous badge.  That is, unless I want to perform and/or sell my musical chops.  I guess we’ll have to see what 2014 will bring me.  Until then, enjoy the videos.

Spring 2012 Concert Round Up!

Okay, I’ve been super busy building things and making music that I haven’t had the chance to really sit downa nd go over the concerts I hit up this spring.  Believe it or not, there was plenty of acts to roll on through Austin after SXSW to keep my bill full.  So, instead of bangning out an individual post for each,  I will shoot through them with highlights.  Bang.  Bang. Continue reading Spring 2012 Concert Round Up!

De Staat is Where it’s At

I can’t count how many times I’ve missed out on some good, heavy, and slow rock music.  Clutch happens to be one of my favorite bands but I’ve missed them the last 3 times there were in Kansas City.  Hopefully, I’ll fix that later this week but until then I can peg down De Staat to help fill that void.  De Staat is a Dutch rock group and will be at SXSW this year.  They’ve been around since 2006 and will celebrate their March 4th release ‘Machinery.’

I jammed out hard to ‘Sweatshop.’   I sense a taste of Southern Culture on the Skids, but the Dutch version.  Both Clutch and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion makes its way into the song all thanks the lead singer Torre Florim.  A good low swaggerin’ voice  keeps this song swinging from beginning to end.  This is the kind of song that you dance-walk too down the street while everyone around looks at you funny.  No ha ha funny, but weird funny.


The Decemberists and Mountain Man: A Sea Salt Pine Cone Taste

Last night saw my triumphant return to the Uptown Theater in Kansas City as well as my return to actually attending concerts.  My lovely girlfriend wanted an experience for Christmas and instead of an overnight stay at a bed & breakfast, I opted for The Decemberists with Mountain Man.  My tired body watched the spectacle from up top and I have to say that the show went as expected, sans some annoying concert goers.

Continue reading The Decemberists and Mountain Man: A Sea Salt Pine Cone Taste