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SXSW 2014: Surviving Another Guantlet


Okay, I was at SXSW this year again and that’s the only thing I’m really thankful for this go around.  Yes, I saw some great bands.  Yes, I wore my feet out walking all over the place.  And, considering what happened in front the Mohawk, I seriously survived. Continue reading SXSW 2014: Surviving Another Guantlet

Rang in the New Year with The Black Angels

So the New Year is here and it’s the first one in a long time that I didn’t wake up with a massive hangover.  As a matter of the only damage I received may have been a bit of the hearing lose.  It’s all thanks to the wicked concert I attended at Emo’s East for New Year’s Eve.  Ume, Wooden Shjips, and The Black Angels put on a show to end all shows for 2011.  Well, it wasn’t the best concert I’ve been too but it was the last one for 2011.  Still, I had a fantastic time and hope every show I go to is at least as good as this one was.

Continue reading Rang in the New Year with The Black Angels

Viva Dia De Los Toadies!

So Austin is burning right now.  Well, not the whole town, but some places outside of it.  The heat and flames reminds of the first taste of Dia de Los Toadies during the last weekend of August.  My lovely lady and I battled 110 plus degree weather in the middle of the Texas sun to get our music festival action on.  We skipped out on the Friday night acoustic action and did the full on 13 band line up for Saturday.  I’ve got some highlights of the show rightcheer so buckle up and grab some Dos Equis, we’re gonna blow through my favs of the day. Continue reading Viva Dia De Los Toadies!