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Lightning Bolt and Zorch Just Went Kaplow

So last Wednesday was a real treat for me indeed.  Nothing epic or mind blowing, just some good ole fashioned noise music.  Some of it was just plain goofy, some of it was more progressive, and the rest was mega heavy.  Yup, I rolled over to Emo’s East to check out the tastiness that was Lightning Bolt, Zorch,and Kokomo.  Well not Kokomo so much, but that’s okay.  My ears rang a good day or two after the event and now I’m into buying a Lucha Libre mask.  Here’s why: Continue reading Lightning Bolt and Zorch Just Went Kaplow

Dirty Projectors Were Actually Pretty Clean

We are smack dab in the summer concert series and Thursday night kept it going strong.  It was back to Emo’s East, or Emo’s I guess what it is now, to see the almighty Dirty Projectors with a little appetizing sauce that was Wye Oak.  It was a truly indie night and the show helped clear the palette for what I’ve been through.  Im’ not saying it’s the turning point of the summer, but it definitely marks the spot where I’ve been musically.  All the bases are covered now except for rap, but that’s okay.  So how did they do?

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ZZ Top Drove Through Whitewater

Saturday night was the hottest day in Texas so far for me and I’d like to think that ZZ Top at Whitewater Ampitheater had a hand in it.  My Summer concert series started out with great success and it was time to follow up the beats with some classic rocking sauce.  Billy Gibbons and company did not disappoint.  Sure we may have been behind a bit, but the show I saw was a full one and still left me thirsty for more.  Dang heat. Continue reading ZZ Top Drove Through Whitewater

Spring 2012 Concert Round Up!

Okay, I’ve been super busy building things and making music that I haven’t had the chance to really sit downa nd go over the concerts I hit up this spring.  Believe it or not, there was plenty of acts to roll on through Austin after SXSW to keep my bill full.  So, instead of bangning out an individual post for each,  I will shoot through them with highlights.  Bang.  Bang. Continue reading Spring 2012 Concert Round Up!

The Reverend Horton Heat Lit Up Antone’s

Ah, yes, whenever I’m in need of a real good show, I can always rely on the good Reverend to follow through.  I’m beginning to think that Antone’s can also deliver just as well after last Saturday.  I’ve been to about 4 Reverend Horton Heat shows before Saturday and I notched number 5 with my lovely girlfriend, whom have never seen the Rev before.  Now, not only were we treated with a great headliner, but the opening acts packed some punches as well.  All in the name of pushing Antone’s up on my list of go to joints to see concerts down here in Ausitn.

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