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El Ten Eleven Made It To About A Nine For Me

At the behest of my ladyfriend I was convinced to roll out a couple of weeks ago to check out El Ten Eleven.  Well, after some fun trouble with Time Warner and my Internet, check out this site please, I’m back online and was able to upload the video I shot there.  Now forgive me if I didn’t get a chance to really go over the opening bands, but I think I’m going to employ a policy of doing video from bands that I really enjoyed.  Nothing against the openers, but I can’t seem to remember them right now so it must not have been my cup o tea.  There’s plenty of flavors of tea for people out there.  I like chai black spice myself. Continue reading El Ten Eleven Made It To About A Nine For Me

I Saw Henry And The Invisibles

So last Saturday, I trekked on down to Stubb’s to check out one fo the dudes I missed at SXSW this year.  Henry and the Invisibles impressed me while watching how he compiled songs online so I decided to stroll on down there and check it out myself.  Needless to say what I expected and what happened was completely different.  The opening bands were decent but the real treat was peering inside Henry’s multiple music personality.  I got my money’s worth of funkiness.

Continue reading I Saw Henry And The Invisibles

I Can See Henry & The Invisibles

I always figured that one man bands were gimmicky but I never realized that I could get funky with one. Upon first listen of Henry & The Invisibles, I figured they were a funky band of at least 4 or 5. So when I researched this party of whatever that will be playing SXSW I discovered that the grouping was a lie. It was just one guy. That’s right, Henry’s Invisibles are a set of Ableton Live loops (I’m guessing) that repeat back and forth while he wrings out the funk from his skunk. Call me surprised.

‘Soul Shaker’ is a great example. I kicked up this jam and wondered how all of the members could stay in sync. Wrong! I mean Tower of Power could keep it up, but I never realized that one dude with a bunch of cables and computer software could do the same. Props to Henry for reals. This one’s going in the pick me up bin for when I need to re-energize the night of another music showcase. Everyone get funky!