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The Soundtrack of Our Lives, In Theaters Now

Even in Sweden, you can have alternative, grungy sounding music. Just look at The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Now they are not head banging type grunge, but something I like to call Swedish Grunge. Yes, Swedish Grunge, where one can get lost in the sound of harpsichords and bemoan wistfully about lives and days gone by. The Soundtrack of Our Lives, led by Ebbot Lundberg, will be at SXSW supporting their first greatest hits album this year.

When one listens to TSOOL, as they are known by the TSOOL-oupies, they can’t help but come square down on the conclusion that they are also the Swedish version of Muse. Which is the newer British version of Pink Floyd. Not unlike the American version of Tool, which found its progressive roots pulled from the foundation of American grunge. It’s all there in black in white. Listen to ‘Second Life Replay’ to hear a Nirvana/Pink Floyd mix blowing up to the Muse/Tool mix. Are we clear?


Freak Out with The Bubble Puppy

I’m not bing on Austin, Texas history but I’m pretty big on psychedelic music.  I think that’s why I jam so much on the Chemical Brothers or the Orb.  They are the natural extension of music created just under 50 years ago.  So when I heard The Bubble Puppy in my SXSW mix, I thought “Hey psychedelic music is coming back!”  Then I researched and found out that The Bubble Puppy was an Austin based band formed way back in the 1960s.  Okay, I can deal with that.  And celebrate!

I think I’ve played ‘Hot Smoke and Sassafras’ about twenty times now.  People that know me know that my love for Pink Floyd knows no bounds, especially the Syd Barrett years.  Jamming out to this tune reminds me of the loose and flowing sound that can come from a group of guys stringing out their song and getting people to tune in, but not out.  Give a listen and realize that the old is new again.  And around and around we go.


The Flaming Lips Kissed Off Sandstone

Last Friday, I had the chance to tool on down to Bonner Springs, Kansas and check out one of my favorite bands, the Flaming Lips.  Lo and behold, they brought along some other bands and tooled out of work just early enough to catch most of them.  Overall, the show was well worth about the 40 bucks I paid with 10 for parking.  It wasn’t all rainbow roses, though, so let’s go over who I saw.
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