The Men Show Us Why They Are

Saturday night was quite the night for some quick rain of hardcore.  Yes, it was back at the Red 7 and back for some flashes of punishmen.   Some good, some bad, and some downright insane.  After the smoke cleared The Men came out on top.  Fortunately for me (and unfortunately) there was plenty of time between the sets.

So the Red 7 was back in full force and we stumbled in a little bit later than usual.  The bands were supposed to go on an hour after the doors opened up but we later discovered that they bumped the times about 15 minutes.  Cruddy finally came up and they went out fast.  They were hardcore and much to the hardcore M.O., they had hard and quick songs.  In fact they blew outta there with about 10 minutes left in their alloted time.

The same stood for the Creamers.  They popped on about 30 minutes after Cruddy stopped.  They were British sounding to say the least.  Look, I admit right now I don’t know jack about the scene so I’m not going to pretend to be an expert.  Yes they sounded British and it was decent.  I would even go as far to say they were proper punk.  But they walked off the stage quick, too.

What came next could only be explained as a beautiful disaster.  D-Unit jumped on and right away, the lead singer ran into problems.  He eventually got so frustrated that he tossed his guitar and mangled the mic stand.  It all went haywire from there.  Credit to the rest of the band for keeping tempo and improvising.  I rather enjoyed the slow driving ryhtmns they pumped out while lead guy had a freakout on stage.  The best part for me was when someone started tossing fireworks on the stage.  I’m not sure that was staged but I was happy for my life after they left the stage.

Much like in wrestling, you need a cooler match before the main event kicks off.  This is exactly what happened Saturday.  The Men started out and right away looked the most tight and well polished band of the night.  The Brooklyn based band had the right mix of driving guitar riffs and wailing solo.  The screamo was there, but it was more of a punch-you-in-the-face screamo than a my-life-is-empty-and-I’m-angry screamo.  Good time were had all around.

We left the place surprisingly late.  I say surpising because there was so much wait time in between the bands.  Fer chrissakes, it seemed like the setup took longer than some of the sets.  Note to self on this style of music in the future:  show up late, you won’t miss much, except maybe a melt down.  That said, The Men made my money’s worth and it felt great to cool down from a shock rain shower on the way back to the car.  I washed off the smoke from the rest of the bands.