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Tenacious D Blew My Ass Off

So Wednesday night I had my teeth kicked in with rock music.  Neon Trees did their duty nicely.  But it was only a precursor to the massive ass lacerations that was Tenacious D Thursday night.  Oh man, I missed Jables and Rage Cage when they hit up SXSW so it was a blessing sent from Satan that they decided to come back. It was even worth being cattle herded through the balcony of the Austin Music Hall.

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Neon Trees Aimed to Please

It was back to La Zona Rosa Wednesday night for another show on the best sound stage in Austin (for me at least).  This time I checked out Neon Trees and their rocking and a rolling.  Yes, for the Summer Concert Series, I have yet to catch a good ole fashioned rock and roll band.  That changed Wednesday (and was about to improve the next day).

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