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FunFunFun Fest 2014


Hey guess what?  I was one of the dudes in the long line to get in this year!  I hope whoever did that got canned.  Waited to long.  Got in to see Death From Above 1979, however, so it was all good.  The metal ruled for me on this one as the alternative put me to sleep and the highlight of the electronic was a tie between Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and Z-Trip.  Good times after a long wait.  Check it out below:

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Austin City Limits 2014


This may be the pinnacle of festivals for me.  I did both weekends and got a taste of all time greats as well as up and comers lying in wait.   I got ‘VIP’ for doing brand activation and drank to my hearts content.  I discovered new bands in a swath of genres and I realized that some big timers are just a waste.  My feet were sore, my head was cloudy, but my soul was replenished and I’m not sure I’ll ever feel this way again.  Check it out below:

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Hey! Hey! Those Were The Monkees!


Such a weird, contrasting time last Wednesday at the The Long Center in Austin, Texas.  On one hand, you had the Sound & Screen series rocking out to School of Rock and some cover band.  On the other, you had a show going on inside that spanned many generations.  What was it?  Well, it was The Monkees.  An American answer to the Beatles that comprised of some actor-musicians.  It started out as a show and turned into an actual band.  They were touring again and I just had to see them. Continue reading Hey! Hey! Those Were The Monkees!