I Follow The Law to a T

The Law doesn’t come from the books, it comes from Dundee, Scotland. These scrappy chaps got together using their love for Joe Strummer and The Clash to glue them together. It’s a fairly young band, with most of their material showing up last year. Already, though, they are building up steam, unlike the dormant volcano from which they got their name. The Law will be making their way to Austin, Texas next month for SXSW 2010.

You know how some things end up being catchy and no matter how hard you try to figure out why, you still can’t put your finger on it? Yeah. It’s that with a Scottish Rock flavor to it. There’s a hint of Supergrass with a strong scent of Jimmy Eat World in there somewhere. I could be completely wrong. It doesn’t matter, my toes are tapping by the end of each song. Check out “The Chase.”