Les is More for More or Les

When you think rap music, do you initially think Canada?  Most people don’t but More or Les does.  You, see he brings rap down from the back bacon land of maple syrup and drips the lyrics out in a sugary flow of funky fresh show.  Okay, so you won’t see much in terms of gangsta when he rolls on through to SXSW 2010.   He’s been around just a couple of years, but he’s bringing the old school back.

When I pop on the wireless headphones, I hear the tones that brought me to rap in the first place.  Some rappers like to talk about how much money have and how shiny their rims are.  The other ones focus on the craft of rapping.  It makes sense that one of More or Les’s inspirations is Del tha Funky Homosapien.  I also hear a little bit of the Gift of Gab.  Seriously, this is what rap needs to be.  Wow me with lyrics and not by how hard you spit on the mic.  Check out “Talk 2 the Hand(Solo).”