It Came From SXSW 01: Hold-Up Records Sampler

Yeah I’m still bangin’ on how I went to SXSW and will be rubbing it in just a couple of more times.  Not because I’m a bastard (well maybe just a little), but also because I grabbed some free music down there and want to talk about what I found.  So to kick this off I will talk about the Hold-Up Records sampler mixtape found from the mountain of schwag.  Basically, it’s a label from San Diego and they rap over some original and sampled beats.  What caught my ears, however, was a great little mix of lyrics, techno, and the Postal Service of all bands.  Dat Boy Sid spits on the mic for about half of the song and then the Postal Service takes over while a different mix of  ‘Such Great Heights’ glues it all together.  Take a listen for yourself.  It’s actually fairly endearing.