OliveTreeDance Your Ass Off

It’s not just local fare, or even national fare, at SXSW.  Bands from all over the world come on down to Austin to jam out.  I’ve featured a British band already, but we are going all world with world music from Portugal.  OliveTreeDance is an outfit that uses traditional Australian instruments like the didgeridoo by way of Portugal.  Led by Renato Oliveira, OliveTreeDance advertises ‘organic’ dance music.  That’s right, no 4 on the floor with house breaks here.  It’s all natural.

“Airport Tunnel” jerks in an out before landing on a comfortable groove.  The man focus is of course the didgeridoo and Oliveira wastes no time spitting into its hole on this song.  Like with every other song I demoed, the groove builds halfway through before climaxing into a crazy Portuguese release.  What seems like monkey screams are actually Oliveira freestyling while making his instrument hum.  The build up is perfect and I found my shoulders bouncing unintentionally toward the end of this one.