This is No Mondo Drag

Rock music nowadays just isn’t rock music anymore.  What I mean is that you can’t just call something rock.  It can hard rock, heavy metal, soft rock, pop rock, and so on and so forth.  One of my favorite niche corners of rock just happens to be stoner rock.  Now, I’m no stoner, but the psycadelic grind that stoner rock rivals that of what I see on the mainstream channels.  One such perveyor of stoner rock is Mondo Drag.  They will be heading to SXSW this year.

Just take a trip on ‘Love Me (Like A Stranger).’ It’s your classic 60s freak out with some sludgy rock grind coming up from behind.  Mondo Drag, led by Johnny Cluney, embody what’s missing from rock music today:  a deeper sense of soul that embodies itself as blues driven incantations.  Back in the day, the radio man would say tune in and tune out to Led Zeppelin.  Now we are tuning out to Mondo Drag.

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