El Ten Eleven Made It To About A Nine For Me

At the behest of my ladyfriend I was convinced to roll out a couple of weeks ago to check out El Ten Eleven.  Well, after some fun trouble with Time Warner and my Internet, check out this site please, I’m back online and was able to upload the video I shot there.  Now forgive me if I didn’t get a chance to really go over the opening bands, but I think I’m going to employ a policy of doing video from bands that I really enjoyed.  Nothing against the openers, but I can’t seem to remember them right now so it must not have been my cup o tea.  There’s plenty of flavors of tea for people out there.  I like chai black spice myself.

What’s to say?  Well not much.  It was such a long time ago, yes two weeks was a long time ago for me.  The one thing besides the Brian Seltzer hair doo the lead player guy had was the multi instrument talent he displayed.  I have to admit I expected a full on alternative like band when I got there.  When I got the rock and roll version of Henry and the Invisible, whom I saw the week before, I was quite surprised.  That seems to be and even bigger trend going on nowadays.  Loops and playing over loops.  Why fight with band members when you can just do your own?


Oh there was a live a drummer.  And that made it so much better.  Sometimes programmed loops can take the dynamism out of live performance.  With the help of the dude off in the corner beating his ass off, the energy for the whole performance rose.  Everyone would rather be a one man band, but there’s a novelty factor behind it.  If you can just get a dude to bang away while you construct your phrases, you’ll be better off.

All in all, El Ten Eleven was alright.  Maybe it was because I saw a funk version the weekend before.  But they were also just a little bit better.  I was also surprised by the quick Radiohead ‘Paranoid Android’ cover they pulled out as well.  That will always score points in my book.  Time for me to whip out my Ableton Live and try to this same stuff.  But with more of Krautrock twist to it.  It’d do African but Tuneyards beat me to it.