SXSW 2014: Surviving Another Guantlet


Okay, I was at SXSW this year again and that’s the only thing I’m really thankful for this go around.  Yes, I saw some great bands.  Yes, I wore my feet out walking all over the place.  And, considering what happened in front the Mohawk, I seriously survived.

So was it worth it?  It always is.  This year saw some firsts.  First time I saw a band twice (Damon Albarn).  First time I didn’t drink for a day (har har).  And first time my camera messed up in the middle of a festival.  Well both of them.

I had to make due with what I had so here’s some video.  Some from my camera and some from my phone.  The pictures are over on the Face book Page.  Check it out the videos:


For reference, Here’s my Big List Of Who I Saw:

Tuesday, March 11
  1. Black Books
  2. Ume
  3. Residual Kid
  4. Nakia
  5. Carolyn Wonderland
Wednesday, March12
  1. Perfect Pussy
  2. Eagulls
  3. Kelis
  4. St. Vincent
  5. Damon Albarn
Thursday, March 13
  1. Damon Albarn
  2. Gruff Rhys
  3. Cate Le Bon
Friday, March 14
  1. Rich Robinson
  2. Tourist
  3. Until The Ribbon Breaks
  4. Warpaint
  5. Band of Skulls
Saturday, March 15
  1. A Fragile Tomorrow
  2. Sweet Baboo
  3. Magic!
  4. Kishi Bashi
  5. Temples
  6. Trust
  7. Feathers
  8. EMA
  9. Gary Numan

It’s always a blast and you should check it out too.  For those who went this year, what did you see?