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Anamanguchi Are Belong To Us

Growing up in the 80’s (I’m a 70’s kid by one year though), I distinctly remember rocking out to ET on my Uncle’s Atari 2600.  Fast forward a couple of years and it the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The music producers for the games had the hefty challenge of composing music with a limited tonal space.  Fast forward even faster to today and you have Anamanaguchi.  These guys champion the 8bit music scene by mixing together 8bit sounds with a traditional rock backing.  They will be on showcase this year at SXSW 2010.

Bear with me here.  This warps right into nostalgia land for me.  Anamanaguchi reminds me of Saturday mornings trying to beat Bubble Bobble or Mega Man 2.  Technically it’s pretty tight.  They may not be Radiohead but they are respectable to say the least.  When the song’s over, I feel like I beat the game.  Check out “Airbase”