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SXSW Day 0: What Happened Before Music Was Official

For those of you coming form my other blog, Hoketronics, welcome!  For the others following along, howdy!  I’m down here in Austin checking out SXSW.  I rocked the Interactive and Film part and now I’m diving down into the Music part.  Now before I talk about the official Music events, there were a couple of bands I checked out in support of the Interactive parties.

The first being the Computer Blip Blop Bull#$%# party.  The Found Footage Festival guys hosted the event but there was also some kick ass music, too.  Mike and Moonpies opened up and my alt country blood was a flowing.  They also did a sweet cover the Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down.”  The rain came and we moved inside.  The Laughing took over and rocked my head off.  You should really check them out.

Next up I headed over to the Interactive Closing Party and stayed just long enough to check out The Sour Notes and Mariachi El Bronx.  The Sour Notes really didn’t do anything for me, but Mariachi El Bronx rocked.  I remember looking at the guy and wondering if he was the lead singer of The Bronx, an LA based rock band I saw open up for The Hives a couple of years ago.  Welp, after I got back and checked it out, it was!  So they decided to do some rocking Mariachi because acoustic rock sucked and I have to say it worked out great.

That was the party leading up to the parties.  Check out this blog to see what happened on the first big SXSW Music day.  Hasta Pasta!