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Ahhh Venice is Sinking

There have been a number of great bands from Athens, Georgia (R.E.M. comes to mind).  So I know that when I hear a band that comes from there, I should pay attention. One such band is Venice Is Sinking.  The bands roots sunk deep into Athens as they had the unique opportunity to record a live album in the town’s iconic music mainstay, The Georgia Theatre.  Members of Venice is Sinking also witness the fire that burned down the place.  Hopefully, nothing will burn down when they visit Austin this year for SXSW.

Listening to ‘Tugboat’ I can’t help but think of alot of similarities between the overseas band Belle & Sebastian.  It’s a tad more gloomy, but the echoing voices of Daniel Lawson and Carolyn Troupe backed by horns can’t help but bring me to that comparison.  The endearing tone of the opening line also brings a Neil Young-esque warble that draws me in like the tugboat Lawson sings about.  Venice is Sinking will be on my chill out portion of SXSW’s festivities.


The Decemberists and Mountain Man: A Sea Salt Pine Cone Taste

Last night saw my triumphant return to the Uptown Theater in Kansas City as well as my return to actually attending concerts.  My lovely girlfriend wanted an experience for Christmas and instead of an overnight stay at a bed & breakfast, I opted for The Decemberists with Mountain Man.  My tired body watched the spectacle from up top and I have to say that the show went as expected, sans some annoying concert goers.

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