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White Denim Rocks Out and Doesn’t Fray

I strolled into Antone’s Saturday night and notched my wcall for some local Austin music.  The top bill, White Denim, was who I was out for, but the opening acts kept the intrigue going.  I already pulled a 4-band-er Thursday and was anxious to see if they could last as long.  Where Thursday’s bill built up in awesomeness, this rock party was way more imbalanced.  Never fear, dear, as White Denim made it more than worthwhile and will last as one of the best small concerts I’ve ever been too.  Seriously, it was that good.

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SXSW is not an Alfred Hitchcock Movie Sequel

Some of you may be wondering why it went all quiet around here.  Welp, we were busy getting ready for SXSW (pronunced South by Southwest).  What’s SXSW?  Only the biggest convergence of technology, film, and music this site of the hemisphere!  So this blog started out as an extension of my love for music and only fully realized itself because I needed to keep track of bands I wanted to see down there.

So with that said, I’m heading down there road trip style to cover all that SXSW has to offer.  Being a first timer, I’m no where near sure how things will shake out during and after the conference.  A couple of things I have coming down the pike include my own music, more reviews of SXSW bands, more reviews of mainstream bands, and a few surprises.  Hit me on Twitter if you are heading down to Austin as well or just think I have a kick ass Twitter background.  In the meantime, rock out to some Motorhead.  They are going to be there.