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Getting Some Sweet Floating Action

Floating Action is actually the new moniker of musician Seth Kauffman.  Kauffman wrote and played most of the material and his supporting band mates take over on the road.  Hey, you can’t do everything on the stage.  These guys will trot on down to Austin, Texas for SXSW 2010.  This laid back dude sounds perfect for the chill portion of the music showcase.

So I’ve been accustomed to saying “this is the English version of this” or “this is the Swedish version of that.”  Welp it’s time to turn it around a bit.  This is the AMERICAN version of The Band of Bees.  The Band of Bees are a laid back Spanish group that goes out to left field and hangs out there for a couple of hours until it gets hungry and comes strolling back.  So Floating Action are like that, except these guys are from Black Mountain in the good ole USA.  Check out “50 Lashes.”