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Kid Dakota: Fanning the Slow Flame

No, seriously, I didn’t want to pun up the title but I did. In all seriousness, Kid Dakota will be brining his cool and soothing sound to SXSW. Darren Jackson drew up the name as a send up to his home state South Dakota and as a parody of Kid Rock. Kid Dakota sounds nothing like Kid Rock. Anywho, Jackson moved from Rhode Island to Minnesota, and has been dreaming up catchy tunes ever since.

“Stars” brings Kid Dakota in full force. I hear the falsetto of Thom Yorke with the percussion of the Heartbreakers backing up. It’s an epic slow jam. I can understand why Low’s Alan Sparkhawk snatched him up back in the early 2000s. The bombastic blast of the guitar at around the 1/3 mark of the song reminds me how silence and noise work together perfectly.