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Kopecky Family Band on the Run

They aren’t on the run actually, but I am. I’m sitting here in my car while my trusty love handles the wheel rolling down the late night highway. We had out of town business to attend and I’m knocking this bad boy out ultra-mobile like. It also serves as great practice for next week when we take a longer trek down to Austin for SXSW. One of the bands that I have on my speed gun radar is the Kopecky Family Band. Straight out of Tennessee, this Radiohead and Sigur Ros influenced faux family soothes and rocks at the same time.

Give a listen to ‘Birds.’ At first you hear a little bit of some new Black Keys but then it swings around into some new age like Stereolab. The endearing tone lays the foundation starting with Kelsey and the followed by the emotive voice Gabe. Seriously, when Gabe comes in, it tears you away and makes you feel how hard he his feeling. It’s hard to hear that in a pop song but somehow The Kopecky Family Band does it.


I Got Schooled by Social Studies

What makes an indie band? Hipster chicks singing in harmony? Kinchy organs flowing overhead? A driving bass with very sharp drums? Maybe so, maybe not, but that’s what makes up Social Studies. Led by Natalia Rogovin on synth with vocals followed by Michael Jirkovsky on drums, Social Studies kicks it indie-pop school straight outta San Fran. They’ll be teaching me a thing or two at SXSW this year.

Take a time out and listen to ‘Time Bandit.’ I know. I know. You’re probably wondering, “What’s Stereolab doing in my speakers?” Okay that was an easy comparison, but pop quiz: Who else do they sound like? Perhaps a female version of Ben Folds? I think that passes. So it’s now time for me to graduate and walk the aisle all cap-and-gowned out while skipping to the Social Studies. Don’t be tardy for these folks or its detention.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]http://soundcloud.com/social-studies/time-bandit[/soundcloud]