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Bouncing to Belleruche

Belleruche hails from north London, UK and kicks out the beat using a unique blend of turntables, guitars, and soulful lady crooning.  Led by the sultry Kathrin deBoer, Belleruche follows in the footsteps of Charlie Christian and Cut Chemist.  They also tout the same setup on stage as they have in the studio.  The music label Tru Thoughts snatched them up in 2007 and will be at SXSW to support their latest offering, 270 Stories.

Listening to ‘Clockwork,’ the influence of Bellaruche shows itself.  Kathrin deBoer does her best Sarah Vaughn impression, while DJ Modest spins like the Cut Chemist himself.  Let’s not forget Ricky Fabulous, who keeps it all together with his guitar work.  But that didn’t hit me at the beginning.  ‘Clockwork’ is the kind of song you hear and then forget, only to have it hummed back through the larnyx in an oh so subtle way.   It’s a solid song that bobs the head at just the right motion.