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Willie Nelson Was In The BackYard

So Saturday was quite the day to keep the Summer Concert Series rolling. Willie Nelson showed up to the Backyard at Bee Cave, which was a first for me on both counts. The twist this time, was that we went with a big group of people who’ve seen the legend before. Good things and bad things came from it, but Willie’s silky smooth voice and kick ass country playing made it a night to remember. Continue reading Willie Nelson Was In The BackYard

White Denim Rocks Out and Doesn’t Fray

I strolled into Antone’s Saturday night and notched my wcall for some local Austin music.  The top bill, White Denim, was who I was out for, but the opening acts kept the intrigue going.  I already pulled a 4-band-er Thursday and was anxious to see if they could last as long.  Where Thursday’s bill built up in awesomeness, this rock party was way more imbalanced.  Never fear, dear, as White Denim made it more than worthwhile and will last as one of the best small concerts I’ve ever been too.  Seriously, it was that good.

Continue reading White Denim Rocks Out and Doesn’t Fray