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Getting Some Sweet Floating Action

Floating Action is actually the new moniker of musician Seth Kauffman.  Kauffman wrote and played most of the material and his supporting band mates take over on the road.  Hey, you can’t do everything on the stage.  These guys will trot on down to Austin, Texas for SXSW 2010.  This laid back dude sounds perfect for the chill portion of the music showcase.

So I’ve been accustomed to saying “this is the English version of this” or “this is the Swedish version of that.”  Welp it’s time to turn it around a bit.  This is the AMERICAN version of The Band of Bees.  The Band of Bees are a laid back Spanish group that goes out to left field and hangs out there for a couple of hours until it gets hungry and comes strolling back.  So Floating Action are like that, except these guys are from Black Mountain in the good ole USA.  Check out “50 Lashes.”


I Follow The Law to a T

The Law doesn’t come from the books, it comes from Dundee, Scotland. These scrappy chaps got together using their love for Joe Strummer and The Clash to glue them together. It’s a fairly young band, with most of their material showing up last year. Already, though, they are building up steam, unlike the dormant volcano from which they got their name. The Law will be making their way to Austin, Texas next month for SXSW 2010.

You know how some things end up being catchy and no matter how hard you try to figure out why, you still can’t put your finger on it? Yeah. It’s that with a Scottish Rock flavor to it. There’s a hint of Supergrass with a strong scent of Jimmy Eat World in there somewhere. I could be completely wrong. It doesn’t matter, my toes are tapping by the end of each song. Check out “The Chase.”


Serious Sam Barrett Brings the Blueblood Blues

Serious Sam Barrett hails from Yorkshire, England.   He will be hopping across the pond for SXSW this year to jam out on some of his blues inspired folk music.  Barrett will be ultra close to one of his main tributaries of inspiration: the Delta Blues.

You know, England has always been a fan of blues.  Ever since John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, Eric Clapton, and so on the blue bloods pump the blues.  So when Serious Sam pumped through my headphones, I had to relish in the one tiny moment when I thought that is was a Mississippi bluesman and not some lanky dude with bad teeth.   I’m looking forward to seeing him pluck and twang his way through some classic songs. Check out “Cocaine Blues.”


Lie In Sound With Trespassers William

Trespassers William hails from Seattle by way of Southern California.  Anna-Lynne Williams and Matt Brown bang out some low sounding, ambient music that seems more northerly than southerly.  They will be at SXSW this year and hopefully they will open things up for their showcase spot to clear the palate for the conference attendees.  Why?

This is very haunting music.  The eerie sounds and quiet voice of Anna-Lynne Williams pulls me in harshly and then nudges me gently about the sonic landscapes they lay out.  It’s beautiful and sad defined.  And deep.  A deep ocean of tones.  Check out “Lie In Sound” and let us know what you think.