I Can See Henry & The Invisibles

I always figured that one man bands were gimmicky but I never realized that I could get funky with one. Upon first listen of Henry & The Invisibles, I figured they were a funky band of at least 4 or 5. So when I researched this party of whatever that will be playing SXSW I discovered that the grouping was a lie. It was just one guy. That’s right, Henry’s Invisibles are a set of Ableton Live loops (I’m guessing) that repeat back and forth while he wrings out the funk from his skunk. Call me surprised.

‘Soul Shaker’ is a great example. I kicked up this jam and wondered how all of the members could stay in sync. Wrong! I mean Tower of Power could keep it up, but I never realized that one dude with a bunch of cables and computer software could do the same. Props to Henry for reals. This one’s going in the pick me up bin for when I need to re-energize the night of another music showcase. Everyone get funky!