Deer Tracks Hunting My Mind

You know, sometimes it’s hard to verbalize the love you feel for another person.  I like to think that I can substitute courage for song.  So when The Deer Tracks play on my headphones, I feel like I should model my proclamation after them.  The Swedish born band evokes more than electronics bleeps, piano riffs, and female vocal sentimentality.  It evokes an emotion only described by the vision of the woman I love.  Yeah, it’s sappy.  But I can be that way sometimes.

So when I discovered that The Deer Tracks will be at SXSW this year, I decided to make that leap;.  No, not the big one but the one that cements my place in line to see the showcase their great music.  Hey if you don’t believe me, check out ‘Ram Ram’ for yourself.  I’m a sucker for sweet lyrics over electronic beeps and The Deer Tracks deliver.  Give a listen for yourself.

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