Jonathan Edwards is my Sunshine

You know, SXSW brings out just about everyone you can imagine. While we are seeing an influx of 80s artists this year, we have some 70s artists kicking up some dirt as well. I remember the first time I heard Jonathan Edwards on the radio and ‘Sunshine’ came on. It was enough to compel me to buy a CD of his greatest hits back in the late 90s CD typhoon. So there sits Jonathan among other one hit wonders that line my heavy, cloth-infused CD case. His other stuff isn’t too bad either.

‘Sunshine’ is the perfect happy rebellion song. The riff alone is enough to get your toe tapping. Once you dip into lyrics you can hear that the song is more about telling people to fuck off instead hugging others. All the while, Jonathan Edwards sports a big ole grin on his face. I have to admit I’m not familiar with his other work, but I’m going to try my darndest to see him jam out at SXSW.