Blind Pilot Hit My Blind Spot

Man it’s been since forever that I’ve graced the annals of La Zona Rosa.  Welp I was there Friday night to check out Blind Pilot.  Blind Pilot’s the kind of band for me that cleanses the palate.  Although, for some reason, most of their music never comes to my inner jukebox.  After the last couple of shows, I needed this refreshing change of pace.  Hopefully I can remember them more in the future.

La Zona Rosa still has one of the best sound systems in the city and I was reminded of the Friday.  In all seriousness, the only problem we had for the show was finding a parking place.  Next time it’s bus time.  Also, they have a functioning soda dispenser, which I used throughly throughout the night.


Lost Lander kicked things off and I really don’t remember anything about them.  The band as a whole I mean.  I remember the drummer’s work and enjoyed it very much.  I can’t really put my finger on what they sounded like but I can tell you that they weren’t terrible.  In fact, don’t take any word on them from me.  Just go check them out and let me know what you think.


Blind Pilot got on stage and I’m still dizzyied from the array of instruments they dumped out on stage.  Seriously, a xylophone player in a band?  Hey, it worked and worked well for them.  The banjo lady, who looked like a great friend of my by the way, swapped out lap guitars and other rigs.  The keyboard player apparently plays the trumpet too.  At any rate, they picked the right tools for the songs and I left the show with a warm heart.  Hopefully I’ll hear them in my mental jukebox again soon.