Josh Wink Turned Republic Live


I hit up Josh Wink at Republic Live a couple of weeks ago and I can’t really remember much.  It was more of what I was doing (red bulls and dancing) versus the fog of past.  I do distinctly remember that I had a great time.  But recall will need some work so this may be short.  And, in short, Josh Wink had me dancing even though I missed out on some of his classic cuts.

Republic Live is one of the techno/electronic music clubs here in Austin.  It’s a roomy space that has a dance floor and some hoity toity reserve spots.  The best part of the place, for me, was the platforms for the go go girls.  You don’t see those around much anymore.  I went with some Red Bull drinks because their beer choice really sucks.  So FYI on that one.

Christian Barbuto opened things up and set the mood quickly.  A low driving pulse of dance music crept up more and more into the bones and eventually turned it out into some actually toe tapping from yours truly.  Yeah, I don’t dance that much even though I like dance music.  So kudos the Christian for getting things started.


One of the cool things about DJ sets is that transitions between acts are super seemless.  That’s what happened when Josh Wink took the stage.  Josh Wink, for those of you who don’t know, is a classic electronic artist.  He even appears on my all time favorite compilation: MTV’s Amp Volume 1.  It was way more DJ than producer based at Republic Live however.  I heard hints and snippets that gave it the Josh Wink feel.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hear his classic “Are You There?”, but I did get a good groove on into the night.

So I broke a sweat and then broke through a Whataburger bag at the end of the night.  It was great to let loose.  I would recommend pre-beering for Republic Live if you find yourself out there.  Plan for a late night too.  Also, go check out Josh Wink if you want an evening of techno at a reasonable price.