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Dia De Los Toadies 2012: Wet Rocks

Yes, after the initiation last year, it was the second time around for me and Dia De Los Toadies.  This time around, I not only got to see Mariachi El Bronx again, but I can now knock off Helmet from my bucket list.  Another new twist this year was that I got to float the Guadalupe River beforehand and it provided a refreshing kick off to this year’s festivities.  Now, because of the float, I didn’t get to see every band but hey, I had tons of fun and got to see most of who I came out for.  Grab your swim trunks. Continue reading Dia De Los Toadies 2012: Wet Rocks

ZZ Top Drove Through Whitewater

Saturday night was the hottest day in Texas so far for me and I’d like to think that ZZ Top at Whitewater Ampitheater had a hand in it.  My Summer concert series started out with great success and it was time to follow up the beats with some classic rocking sauce.  Billy Gibbons and company did not disappoint.  Sure we may have been behind a bit, but the show I saw was a full one and still left me thirsty for more.  Dang heat. Continue reading ZZ Top Drove Through Whitewater