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Dia De Los Toadies 2012: Wet Rocks

Yes, after the initiation last year, it was the second time around for me and Dia De Los Toadies.  This time around, I not only got to see Mariachi El Bronx again, but I can now knock off Helmet from my bucket list.  Another new twist this year was that I got to float the Guadalupe River beforehand and it provided a refreshing kick off to this year’s festivities.  Now, because of the float, I didn’t get to see every band but hey, I had tons of fun and got to see most of who I came out for.  Grab your swim trunks. Continue reading Dia De Los Toadies 2012: Wet Rocks

I’ve Got My Helmet On

Part of going to SXSW not only includes discovering new acts, but it also includes seeing older acts that are still on the road.  One of my favorite bands from the mid to late 1990s will be in Austin in March and I can’t wait the see them.   Helmet started out for me with two songs: “Unsung” and “Milqtoast.”  The first one nailed me with radio waves and the second one came from the stellar Crow Soundtrack.  Both Meantime and Betty rocked for me but when Aftertaste came out it went downhill.  That’s alright because they are back with a new album to support, Seeing Eye Dog, and they will be doing it in good ole Texarkana.

The title cut off Seeing Eye Dog, reminds me more of some the harsher Helmet songs.  Page Hamilton goes from screaming to melodic singing depending on the song.  We have screaming Page on “Seeing Eye Dog”.  You know, it kind of reminds me of “In the Meantime” but with the guttural screams.  It’s more high-pitched and whiney.  Still, these guys have mastered being heavy by using quiet breaks between riffs.  Sometimes a calm quiet before a thundering heavy riff doubles the effect.  Check out “Seeing Eye Dog” yourself.