Eagle Claw Grabs My Throat

Again, I don’t know why I’m big on instrumental bands but here we go.  Before I talked about prog and electronic rock bands that seem to lack vocals so I might as well toss in heavy metal instrumentals in the mix.  Eagle Claw is the first hometown band for SXSW I’ll be looking at and my neck still hurts.  Matt Rade, Mike Gonz, Luther Smalls, and Bart Butler formed Eagle Claw to make what they call “InstruMetal Music.”  Okay, I’ll buy that and it looks as though I’ll be buying it at SXSW.

Jamming out to ‘Panzer,’  I can tell that they get their inspiration from such old school long form metal rockers like Metallica.  Although Eagle Claw also reminds of And So I Watch You From Afar, another InstruMetal band from Ireland that played SXSW just last year.  The pounding riffs and metal sludge beats keep pace as they build up into a final, epic climax.  Truly face melt worthy, but without the wail.